Maitreya Foundation Orphanage

The difficulties of refugee life are an everyday reality for the Tibetan people. This is especially true for Tibetan children. Dakpa Rinpoche, after seeing the situations of many refugee children affected by physical or economic difficulties, established the International Maitreya Foundation Orphanage in Dwarka, India where needy children, mostly orphaned and handicapped, can be taken care of.

The orphanage depends on donations for their daily operations and care of the children. These expenses alone are quite an undertaking, as many of the children require specialized care. Monks, under the guidance of Dakpa Rinpche, have selflessly been taking care of these children.

Financial help is not only needed for daily operations of the orphanage, but also for the continuing education of the children. All of the children are going to school to receive an education and the skills to take care of themselves, so as to not have to depend on others in the future.

The International Maitreya Foundation was founded by venerable Dakpa Rinpoche, reincarnate Lama and head of 18 monasteries in Kham, Tibet. The IMF is a non-profit welfare organization that has been sanctioned by and receives support from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Here, at CTS, we have a number of members who have been financially contributing to our Maitreya Orphanage fund, but IMF still needs more help. Every dollar you contribute to this fund will help to provide for these children a better living situation and a brighter future. Being able to help all of humanity is beyond our means and capability, but through helping one we can help all of humanity.