November 2017

Geshe Dakpa Topgyal recently met with the students from Charleston Southern University at the Charleston Tibetan Society.  Professor Ryan Gimple, in the School of Christian Studies at the university, accompanied the students.  Geshe La spoke to the students for an hour on the importance of understanding other religious traditions and the need for tolerance, while concentrating on similarities rather than differences. Geshe La also introduced the students to Tibetan Buddhism and answered the students questions. 

Long time CTS member and senior student Mr. Buzz Edwards acted as host for the students.  He welcomed them to the Dharma Center and showed them the Altar Room, the Ceremonial Gates at the front walkway, and the Peace Mandala Garden in the backyard area.  




The photos show the students in the Alter Room, at the Ceremonial Gates, and at the Peace Mandala Garden.