Books by Geshe Dakpa Topgyal

In addition to teaching classes year round at both the Charleston Tibetan Society and the South Carolina Dharma Center,
Geshe Dakpa Topgyal has also authored several books. All of these books are available from the Charleston Tibetan Society.


Diamond Key for Opening the Wisdom Eye: A Guide to the Process of Meditation

What is meditation? What does it really mean to meditate? How can I properly meditate? In this short and pithy book, Geshe Dakpa Topgyal clearly explains why you can benefit from meditation and how to meditate. Meditation's proper place on the path to enlightenment is also carefully elucidated.

  • Published by Broken Umbrella Press

  • ISBN# 0-9754680-0-6

  • 139 pages

Geshe Topgyal-Holistic Health.jpg

Holistic Health: A Tibetan Monk's View

A balance of physical and mental health is necessary in order to find meaning in your life and succeed in every area, whether spiritual or worldly. There are many factors involved in the process of building good physical and mental health, including: food, rest, exercise, mental attitude, meditation and many others. Each of these and more are discussed in a concise and practical way with the hope that they will be easy to learn and incorporate into daily life.

  • Published by Booksurge

  • ISBN# 1-4196-6203-1

  • 75 pages


Essential Ethics: A Buddhist Approach to Modern Day Life and Social Action

Modern life presents us with a number of ethical challenges. How are we to know the wisest course of action? Do our individual actions really matter in a world that is beset with so many problems? This book presents the teachings on ethics that were given over 2,600 years ago by the Buddha Shakyamuni. Buddhist ethical guidlines have the potential to bring peace and harmony from the individual to the universal level.

  • Published by Booksurge

  • ISBN# 978-1-4196-6861-6

  • 197 pages


The Traditional Buddhist Altar

With profound clarity and knowledge, Geshe Dakpa Topgyal provides practical and spiritual instructions for arranging and using a personal altar. 

  • Published by Booksurge

  • ISBN# 978-0-9796510-2-1

  • 32 pages

Geshe Topgyal-Death-A Natural Part of Life.jpg

Two Subtle Realities:impermanence & emptiness

This book offers a clear explanation of impermanence and emptiness in depth, avoiding the use of complicated philosophical terms and languages in order for a modern mind to understand the deepest meaning of what the buddha taught of impermanence and emptiness as his ultimate message to the confused world. 

  • Published by Booksurge

  • ISBN-10: 1478181532
    ISBN-13: 978-1478181538

  • 190 pages



Though most of the books on Buddhism touch on the subject of Refuge, they do not do so exclusively or in a broader way. In this book one will find a more dense and elaborated discussion on Refuge which will surely help you to understand what Refuge really is, and the whole purpose of taking Refuge.

  • Published by Booksurge

  • ISBN-10: 1489558306
    ISBN-13: 978-1489558305

  • 110 pages


death: a natural part of life

In Death A Natural Part of Life Geshe Dakpa Topgyal shows how we can prepare for our inevitable death by 1) living an ethical life, 2) learning about the meaning of death as built into every birth and 3) practicing or training to become familiar with the process that we will all go through at the end of this life in order to develop the ability to maintain a calm and virtuous state of mind at the time of our death. He also discusses what is needed in those around a person who is dying. Although Geshe Dakpa teaches from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective, this book is not only for practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism. Death is a universal condition and each one of us must face it regardless of who we are.... religious or nonreligious. Death A Natural Part of Life will benefit every reader who wishes to examine death to reduce fear and who seeks to come to terms with the fact that as we were born we all must die.

  • Published by Booksurge

  • ISBN-10: 1489529101
    ISBN-13: 978-1489529107

  • 116 pages