October, 2017 Retreat 


Charleston Tibetan Society Retreat

The Charleston Tibetan Society and the South Carolina Dharma Group, under the leadership of Geshe Dakpa topgyal, held a retreat at the Radiant Mind Retreat Center near St. George, S.C., from Friday, October, 6 to Sunday, October 8, 2017. in addition to Geshe La, 14 members of CTS and SCDG attended the retreat. For the first time, the venue was in the recently-completed meditation hall. Geshe La offered intensive teachings on the "Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination" in a formal retreat format. The purpose and goal of the teachings on the "Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination" is to understand the meaning of samsara and how samsara is created. Along with Geshe La's teachings, we were fortunate to enjoy his delicious cooking and soothing chai tea. We wish to humbly thank Geshe La for offering these teachings to us, and are honored to have received them.

Two of our members shared thoughts of their experiences at this retreat:

Since this last retreat, I've been thinking about how rare and precious retreats are. Rare and precious to have a human life in the first place... not to mention a conducive, beautiful space like RMRC... and a qualified, highly knowledgeable teacher like Geshe La... and such supportive Dharma friends from CTS and SCDG... and enough motivation to let go of mundane pleasures at least long enough to go to the retreat and be present to the teachings. Rejoicing! And may all beings soon be able to make good use of such freedoms and fortunes!

My Experience at the CTS Fall Retreat continues to be very fulfilling, even as I write this two weeks later. I left feeling all the attendees had successful and meaningful experiences. Focus and discipline, effort and pure intention is the platform from which Geshe Dakpa Topgyal delivered our Dharma of Samsara. Sangha from Columbia's SC Dharma Center and Charleston Tibetan Society learned the Twelve Links of the Cycle of Life. I greatly look forward to the next opportunity to take refuge in the Dharma through retreat at Radiant Mind Retreat Center.