February, 2018 Retreat 


Charleston Tibetan Society Student-Led Retreat
The Purification Mantra: Recitation, Practice, and Meditation 

The Charleston Tibetan Society and the South Carolina Dharma Group held a student-led retreat at the Radiant Mind Retreat Center near St. George, South Carolina from Friday, February 9 to Sunday, February 11, 2018.  The topic was selected to learn in detail the meaning and pronunciation of the Purification Mantra. 

Eleven participants from CTS and SCDG attended the retreat, which was led by three student members. Claudia Smith Brinson, from the SCDG, discussed the purpose of the purification practice. As an aid to memorization, Rebecca Ivester from the CTS examined the meaning of each line of the mantra as explained in Sravasti Abbey materials and in Lama Yeshey's book Becoming Vajrasattva. Another CTS member, Jason Kelly, who learned the mantra directly from Geshe Dakpa Topgyal, led the recitations so that all could hear the correct pronunciations and rhythm. 

During the course of the weekend, the group recited a total of 247 repetitions of the purification mantra, along with refuge, prayers, and dedications. For several people, this was the first time they recited the mantra. By the end of the weekend all participants were saying it very well. The CTS and the SCDG would like to gratefully thank the student leaders for their wonderful teachings and dedication to everyone in attendance.