Nursery School - Camp #3
Mundgod, India

After dedicating the new temple at Drepung Loseling Monastery in January 2008, the Dalai Lama gave a speech to some 70,000 people gathered from all over the world, including 2 of our members. In this speech, the Dalai Lama strongly emphasized to the Tibetan community the need to do something for the benefit of Tibetan elders - those who left Tibet in the 1960's who are now old, weak, and fragile - and for the benefit of the young children within the community who need early childhood education in a healthy and loving environment.

The Mundgod Tibetan refugee settlement in South India was established between 1969 and 1970. The settlement of 15,000 Tibetans is divided into 9 camps. There is a Tibetan Middle/High School funded through the Indian government and the Tibetan Government in Exile that serves the older children in the nine camps, but currently only one camp provides some form of day care and early childhood education for the younger children.

Due to the lack of bathroom facilities, the children must go out into the fields where they get muddy during the monsoon season, and there have been encounters with snakes, scorpions, and other insects, even rabid animals. The camp leaders have made an effort to provide necessary facilities, but due to lack of funds, have been unable to accomplish this task.

There is a serious need for early childhood education within all of the 9 camps. This education would help provide the necessary foundation for their higher education.

The early childhood education facility that exists in Camp #3 lacks appropriate space for the children and does not have any bathroom facilities. Through our financial contributions, the Tibetan community will have the needed funds to build bathroom facilities and add on to the existing building in order to provide a healthy environment for the children. Our efforts can provide encouragement for the Tibetan community to work towards early childhood education in every camp.

We welcome any contributions to the Nursery School fund.