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Dana, or generosity, is one of the qualities a Buddhist seeks to perfect. It means to give from the heart with the motivation of benefiting others. The Charleston Tibetan Society depends solely on membership dues, individual donations, and a few annual fundraisers as sources of revenue for operations and other projects.  Dana supports CTS by making it stronger and more financially sound, allowing us to grow and serve the needs of the larger community. Your important financial contribution will support projects such as Tibetan refugee settlements in India and CTS' Radiant Mind Retreat Center in South Carolina.

We encourage your generosity to the Charleston Tibetan Society, whose mission is to preserve the unique culture and religion of Tibet that is now in danger of disappearing, making them unavailable for future generations. Join us in this important effort to assist the beleaguered Tibetan people and to share the peaceful, compassionate and transformative teachings of Buddhism.

Donations for our general operating fund, which assist with the day to day operations of CTS and the Dharma Center, are accepted here:

Donations for Membership Dues are accepted here:

Donations for the Radiant Mind Retreat Center are accepted here:

Payment for Retreats held at the Radiant Mind Retreat Center are accepted here:

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