The Importance of Membership


The CTS Dharma Center is funded by membership dues, donations and a few annual fund raising events. We encourage those who support our goals and who benefit from our classes to become members. Becoming a member and becoming actively involved to make CTS stronger and more financially stable is a valuable direct action you can take to help preserve the unique Tibetan culture and religious teachings.

Membership is not without benefits. Membership benefits include:

  • Entrance to "Members Only" classes 
  • The right to vote for CTS board members and officers
  • Invitation to special "Members Only" gatherings and events
  • Participation in formal CTS and SC Dharma Group retreats

Becoming a member is simple. Under the contribution scale below, You can choose to  fill out the membership pledge form and submit a paper copy and, with your payment, drop it in the CTS donation box or in the mail or you can choose to fill out an online form to be submitted through the website. The membership fee can be based on your annual income and is not fixed at a certain rate. We do, however, have a suggested contribution scale:


Online Membership Form

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The membership fee can be based on your annual income and is not a fixed rate. We suggest the following guidelines:
If none of the options above fit your requirements, let us know how much per month you would like to donate...

Please click the button to make your monthly dues securely through our paypal account

You may also make optional contributions specifically to these funds:

Please make all checks payable to :

Charleston Tibetan Society, 12 Parkwood Avenue, Charleston, SC 29403


Questions? Please reach out to us here: